IronBio is a team of professionals developing solutions for 3D bioprinting. We communicate closely with our clients to ensure that they get our help with any difficulties that might arise. Rest assured you are not alone on this journey. A member of our team can reach out within hours of receiving your request. We are happy to work by phone, over email, through video chat and on-site to perform installations, repairs, and preventative maintenance or application support.

We actively search for long-term business partners who could help us develop and distribute our bioprinters. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact us at

  • Timur Aminev | Founder, CEO
    Graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a Master's Degree in Physics. While getting the Master’s Degree, developed a new model of a low-temperature cell for IR surface testing, participated in the production process, supervised it and carried out control tests.
  • Daria Pichugina |  Manager
    Graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Physics. Participated in organizing the production of ultralight carbon composite structures for the NICA collider. Worked as a SCRUM project manager in a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of IT education
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