IronBio X1
Basic solution for 3D Bioprinting
Syringe Pump Printhead
4K Camera Toolhead
Thermoplastic Printhead
Temperature-Controlled Printhead
Droplet Printhead
Pneumatic Printhead
Intelligent Interchangeable Printheads
Plasma Printhead
UV Polymer Curing System (Compatible with Other Printheads)
Modular PrintBed System
  • Air-Tight Box With Clean, Sterile, and Controlled Atmosphere for Printing

  • Table Module for Five-Axis Printing
  • Removable Holders for Petri Dishes, Multi-Well Plates, and Glass Slides
  • Table Temperature Control Module (4-80°C)

  • Module for Complex-Surface Substrate Recognition

Strengthen Your Workflows Across Key Application Areas
Optical Probes
Print aptamer-based optical probes with high accuracy and predictable results.
Material Science
Develop the next breakthrough in material research through effortless printing and multiple crosslinking modalities.
With larger print volumes possible, take food production to the next level. See what types of constructs can be created as part of this paradigm shift.
Cancer Research
Easily construct tumoroids in a high-throughput manner for comprehensive work on cancer biology.
Drug Discovery
Effortlessly create robust 3D cell and co-culture models to be treated with drugs for downstream analysis.
IronBio X1 is controlled via G-code commands. You can use any convenient software, such as:
IronBio is a team of professionals developing solutions for 3D bioprinting. We communicate closely with our clients to ensure that they get our help with any difficulties that might arise. Rest assured you are not alone on this journey. A member of our team can reach out within hours of receiving your request. We are happy to work by phone, over email, through video chat and on-site to perform installations, repairs, and preventative maintenance or application support.
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